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Love Is A Choice
by Robert Hemfelt

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this book is all about codepentcey and how to heal from it. this book gives you a deep understanding how jesus loves us so much you wont need anyone else but him. it also talks about if your relationship should be repaired or let it go. this book also talks about boundaries and how to set them to keep yourself from getting hurt or returning to a damaging unsafe relationship.

I Funny Books By James Patterson
by James Patterson

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Safe People Cloud And Townsend
by cloud/towsend

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safe People is about finding healhy relationships. and how to be a safe person to others. Safe People is also about how to get a better understanding of gods love and his purpose for our lives. this book also talks about how to change your thinking from codependentcey to being more independent on god and yourself. this book also gives you a perspective on how to know if someone is safe for you.

Doggies Sandra Boynton Board Book
by Sandra Boynton Board Book

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He loves doggies and this book

Once Upon A River
by Diane Setterfield

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Aresenic and old books
by Miranda james

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This is book number 6 in the cat in the stack series. Charlie and his main coon companion work at a college library in the archive division. They are donated some civil war journals and there a few people who want to see them to resolve a family feud that has been going on for hundreds of years.

A Case of Bad Taste
by Copeland, Lori

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Really quite boring, but kept reading it to find out "who done it"!

Adult Assembly Required
by Abbi Waxman0

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I loved this book.It's fun, the characters were well developed, the side stories aded to the overall quirkiness of the characters, a romance without sex, and, as a person who loves to read, the bookstore was a great background.

This Must Be The Place
by Rachael Ray

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I love reading a cookbook with a story and this one didn't disappoint. It's the story of Rachael Ray's Covid year; a story of adjustments and loss. It's honest and real. I highly recommend it. And there are some good recipes in it too.

Bright Night
by Lorie Ann Grover

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